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(Torchflame Books/Light Messages Publishing)


When the brash CEO of a huge swine operation is found dead in the manure lagoon, no one in this small town wants to raise a stink. The perp is obvious and the case is closed. But for Detective Sergeant Frank "Flash" Gordon, something smells.


"Taut and tense right from the start."

--John DeDakis, former editor for CNN's The Situation Room


"A devilishly well-plotted thrill ride that doesn't let up until the startling twist at the end."

--James L'Etoile, award-winning author of Dead Drop, Black Label, and the Detective Penley series.



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The Light of Tara: A Novel of Saint Patrick


Kidnapped by Irish pirates as a teen, Patrick makes a bold escape home to Britain only to hear an insistent call in a dream: COME BACK.


“Full of action and intrigue yet true to historical detail.”

—Lisa M. Hendey, author of The Secret of the Shamrock

"An utterly delightful journey to ancient Ireland. Remarkable!"--Sarah Reinhard, SnoringScholar

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A stigmatic priest collapses and dies on Good Friday in front of horrified parishioners -- a miracle, or bloody murder?


"Smart, frequently witty, and beautifully researched (the author’s paraphrasing of Aristotle’s logic is an intellectual delight), it is refreshing to read a book where faith is neither demanded, nor held up to ridicule."
Mystery Scene


"Inventive and excellently crafted. It brought tears to my eyes!"

Dappled Things




Near All Souls' Day, former DEA Special Agent Selena De La Cruz finds her name written in her parish's Book of the Dead -- but she isn't dead. Yet.


"Entertaining and thrilling...a fascinating mystery and a fun read, with more substance than your average best-seller."

St. Austin Review


"A fast-paced, tension-filled thriller. Weaving together the many strands that make the work of Desjarlais distinctive, VIPER does not fail to please those who like a book filled with suspense and action."

Mystericale Reviews




When the Vatican re-opens a cold case of a Cardinal's assassination in Mexico, Selena De La Cruz must deal with the ghosts of her past -- in more ways than one.


"This story deals with ghosts -- ghosts! -- in a totally credible manner. Lightning fast, heart racing and heart-rending."

Erin McCole Cupp, author of Don't You Forget About Me


"A wonderful ride!"

Regina Doman, author of The Midnight Dancers




Based on the thrilling true story of Columba of Iona, the hot-headed Irish warrior-monk exiled to Scotland where he dueled the Druids, miracles versus magic.


"A spellbinding tale with a powerful descriptive flair; a striking story not quickly forgotten."

The Milwaukee Journal

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A suspicious cathedral fire...a stolen treasure...a plot to kill the king of France...intrigue, betrayal, romance...another day in the 13th Century.


"Hours of enjoyment as readers follow Jean-Michel D'Anjou from one perilous adventure to another!"  Bookstore Journal


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BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS and other stories

An eclectic collection of short stories: a medieval cleric investigates a brutal murder that may lead to millions more. An elderly widower seems to find just what he needs when he needs it - except what he needs the most. A witty lovebird offers his owner advice on relationships. And others,  previously appearing in literary journals.


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